Dr. Debra A. Olszewski, Psy.D MS LMHC is a licensed mental health counselor with a specialty in health and clinical psychology. She has over 15 years of clinical experience. She specializes in the individual psychological treatment of depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic and life-threatening disease, bereavement and grief, and issues affecting the gerontological population. Debra also has a clinical interest in neurotypical (NT) spouses affected by partners on the autism spectrum. 

Debra has been trained in scientifically-based treatment methods and primarily uses cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT), bio-behavioral therapies, motivational interviewing and positive psychology, in an integrated treatment model. She also continues to train in ways to strengthen the mind-body connection.
She earned her doctorate in clinical psychology at William James College M.S. in Psychological Services and Counseling at Salem State University and her B.S. in Economics and Philosophy from Boston College. 

In recognizing the challenge we all face in making changes, Debra will be conducting change workshops entitled ‘The 7 C’s of Changes – How to Successfully Navigate and Chart Life Changes’ throughout the year. She welcomes small group presentations and discussion.

In addition to her clinical work, she has served as a member of the City of Gloucester’s High-Risk Drug Task Force. An avid boat with a passion for all things ocean, Debra will be launching Water Changes, a volunteer program for those experiencing significant life changes.

She continues to train her Bearded Collie, Clicquot, as a certified pet therapy dog. Clicquot joins the practice on a regular basis.